June 18th 2024: Record a participant’s face during unmoderated desktop studies

While moderated interviews record face by default, unmoderated studies did not have the option to record the participant’s face until now!

Unmoderated studies will record the participant's screen and voice while they respond to the questions that you've created. Optionally, you can record the participant's face to gather additional non-verbal insights.

You will be able to view the participant's face via their webcam recording while watching the playback. You can move the face recording around, hide it, or expand it to full screen.

https://downloads.intercomcdn.com/i/o/1085772807/4f43558c7643a1032e860f2e/Screenshot+2024-06-18+at+12_34_59 PM.png?expires=1718728800&signature=163568d3db0c47af414fbc52874da83dc47d996cbf3697a1c94ee9d7de70f77f

Face recording is only available on the Pro Plan subscription.

May 9th 2024: Project comments

Now you can collaborate with teammates during the project set up process! Comment and @mention members on all pages of the project set up flow.

Screenshot 2024-05-09 at 9.25.54 AM.png

Project comments are included in the Pro plan

May 1st 2024: Approval flow